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  1. America Business (More Fairness & Less Deficit):
    • Tax Derivatives, Bonds, Financial & Stocks Transaction
    • Redirect our Resources into a more balanced manner for the citizens of our country
    • Modify our tax codes to be more progressive
    • Restructuring (not eliminating) the Estate Tax, Capital Gains Tax and the tax loopholes
    • Restructuring Foreign Aid
    • Create an alternative economy for businesses and Individuals with Bitcoin
  2. Job Creation:
    • American Diverse Employment Entrepreneurial Programs & Training – (ADEPT)
    • Bring Jobs back to America and put Americans back to work
    • Unemployment Rate of U.S. Males 25 to 34 yrs old is 14.4%
    • Invest in Cooperative Businesses
  3. ABC’s of Politics:
    • A = Accountability – the responsibility of government officials to act in the best interests of society.
    • B = Business of Politics – To listen to the voice of my constituency – Rejuvenate Honesty, Integrity, and Character into our elected officials.
    • C = Communication with my constituents through technology.
    • OPP – Ordinary People’s Politics – Nu Bloodz
    • Truly represent the voice of the community
    • Keep the Government out of your personal business
    • Handling the people business in a professional manner
    • Welcome the Common Citizen into the political arena as Independents Candidates
  4. Education Nation Reform – Technology (Tek-Knowlogy) – K-12:
    • Bring back high-quality Career & Vocational Training in our Junior & High School
    • America needs to create civility in a learning environment
    • America school need to Improve Moral and Socializing skills
    • Developing Discipline Building Skills
    • Teach cooperative Business & Entrepreneurship classes
    • Restructure the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) for the 21st century
    • Implement K-12 Computer Science Education in Texas School
  5. Military and Veterans Reform:
    • Restructure the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966 for the 21st century.
    • Improve Veterans services for PTSD & Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) better treatment for diagnosing and treating the conditions.
    • Decrease Veterans unemployment and homelessness by streamlining the transitional process from Military service skills into 21st century job requirements.
    • Men are 95% of the Homeless population & African Americans are 75% of the homeless population.
    • Restructure our Military readiness for 21st century conflicts
  6. Family Value Clinic – (FVC):
    • Strengthen the Family Foundation
    • Internal Community Family
    • Fathers and Mothers Mentoring Program
    • Youth responsibility towards community and family
    • Parenting – Prevention- Policing – Penalties (4P)
  7. Criminal Justice Reform (non-violent felonies):
    • Constitutional Amendment – Felony Forgiveness Act (Federal & State)
    • Restoration of Full Constitutional Rights (to vote, to own a firearm and clean background)
    • Reverse the inequities of mass incarceration among (African & Hispanic Americans)
    • Expand better alternatives to incarceration
    • Reform our Criminal Justices System (Federal & State)
  8. Border & Immigration Reform:
    • Reform Border Patrol Personnel through military training & tougher background checks
    • Deduct cost of Border Patrol and Deportation Expenses from Foreign Aid
    • Enforce Deportation of Illegal Immigrants
    • Enforce the current Immigration Laws

I need your support and I represent the 99%.